Ways To Prevent Mold Growth in a Bathroom

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Ways To Prevent Mold Growth in a Bathroom

December 23, 2021

Mold likes to grow in dark, moisture-heavy environments, such as your bathroom. Let’s examine some ways to prevent mold growth in a bathroom.

If there’s one thing that mold and mildew are attracted to, it’s the dark, moisture-heavy areas of your home. Your bathroom is more susceptible to mold and mildew than other rooms, mainly due to a lack of ventilation and excessive moisture. If you want to keep your bathroom clean, safe, and healthy, it’s important to take measures to prevent mold from forming. Mold can cause health issues, including allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to prevent mold growth in a bathroom. Let’s check out a few.

Keep It Ventilated

The biggest problem that most bathrooms face is a lack of ventilation. You can improve ventilation in your bathroom by installing an exhaust fan. An exhaust fan will remove the moisture from the air and release it outside. You’ll want to run your fan whenever you take a shower or bath and leave it running for half an hour afterward. This will prevent leftover moisture from damaging the walls and ceiling and creating a suitable environment for mold growth.

Clean Your Bath and Shower Supplies

Keeping your bathroom clean by mopping the floor and scrubbing the tiles will help prevent mold growth, but only in the specific areas you cleaned. If the rest of your bathroom is full of moisture, mold can still grow. Most people tend to overlook smaller, less obvious contributors to mold growth, such as their bath and shower supplies. You should clean underneath shampoo bottles, wash the shower curtain and hand towels, and replace your loofah or sponge on a regular basis.

Let in Light

Another way to prevent mold growth in a bathroom is to let in a little bit of light. You can find mold and mildew in both dark and light environments, but darker environments generally facilitate mold growth better than light ones. You can reduce the likelihood of mold growth by keeping the bathroom lights on whenever you can or by opening the window curtain on bright, sunny days.

Know When It’s Time To Remediate

Mold is stubborn. It’s not uncommon for it to find a way to grow despite your best efforts at preventing it. While having mold spores in the home doesn’t always constitute an immediate danger, physical mold growth can be a hazard to you and your family’s health. If you notice mold growing in your bathroom, it’s not enough to just scrub it away and pray it doesn’t come back. It’s important to call in a group of mold specialists and have them inspect the damage. When necessary, they will recommend mold remediation.

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